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Surprise! 123D Design Updated

We were very pleasantly surprised to see an update arrive yesterday for our copy of 123D Design, the free 3D design tool from Autodesk. What's got us so excited? 
It can now export STL. 
The previous version of 123D Design permitted saves only in its own proprietary format, with a possible intent of sending all designs to its own 3D print service partners, as we reported earlier. This limitation severely constrained the use of the multi-platform tool to the point where we stopped using it. 
But now that's all changed, as the software can now export STL format files that you could potentially print on your own 3D printer, or indeed any 3D print service. 
Now, if we could only import STL in 123D Design, we'd be in great shape. Meanwhile, we'll be trying out 123D Design again. 

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