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The Form 1, Live

At CES we spent some quality time with Formlabs Co-Founder Maxim Lobovsky. After we sorted out the bizarre food ordering procedure at a funky Japanese burger food truck, we talked about Formlab's experience so far. 
As a startup company, they're heavily concerned with focusing on delivering a quality product. Lobovsky says, "Everyone has ideas on what we should be doing", but their challenge is to work on only the critical elements to achieve success. They've kept the design of the Form 1 as simple as possible for the initial release, leaving more complex improvements until later. 
Lobovsky could not tell us how many units have been ordered beyond their spectacular Kickstarter campaign, which sold an amazing 1,028 machines. However, we got the impression it was "lots". 
Back inside the show, Lobovsky managed to give us a personal tour through the Form 1, demonstrating the simplicity of its operation.
The Form 1 is not yet shipping until May, but Lobovsky says they have a US-based manufacturing operation that can do the job. Meanwhile, they are still accepting orders if you'd like to own one of these USD$3,299 machines. 

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