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KraftWurx Launches

The mysterious Kraftwurx finally appeared publicly last week at CES, where they showed off their new 3D print service. We spoke with founder Chris Norman, who explained they've recently received a patent award for his complex and detailed vision of a 3D print service. 
The concept is to combine an online "storefront" containing a wide variety of 3D content with a network of 3D print service bureaus behind the scenes. 
It works like this: 
  • Someone selects an item to print, picks the material to be printed in (Kraftwurx now offers over 70 different materials, some seen in the image above) 
  • The system automatically dispatches the print request to the most appropriate and nearby service provider. 
  • They'll print the item and ship it directly to you. 
How do they maintain quality among this network of providers? Kraftwurx has a qualification process to become part of the network. They seek only bureaus that operate large-scale commercial 3D printers, such as those from EOS, Stratasys or 3D Systems. At this time they can boast of a network that now numbers over 111. 

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