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Mainstream 3D Printing?

An article on Business Insider by Dylan Love entitled "This Is What It Will Take For 3D Printing To Go Mainstream" proposes a shift in machine capability may lead to deeper mainstream use. He says: 
Up until now, much of desktop 3D printing revolved around simply getting the machines up and running, just to gawk at the fact that they worked at all. 
This is also our observation. Aside from those familiar with 3D printing, newbies do indeed "gawk" at the process, much like watching a campfire. It is truly fascinating to see an object emerge from thin air.  
But that fascination is not sufficient to bring 3D printing mainstream. We agree that usage will become the next focus for consumers. They'll need objects printed in finer resolution much faster than performed by current home machines (or 3D print services in which consumers must suffer delivery delays).  
Another key barrier is 3D models for printing. In spite of the efforts of many, there simply aren't enough models and variety available online today. We cannot expect consumers to become competent 3D modelers, let alone expect them to afford proper 3D modeling tools. 
Where will these models come from? 

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