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Examining The Form 1's Output

At CES we were able to get a very close look at the Form 1's printed results, as Formlabs had several prints on display. (Click to enlarge the images for a really good look.)
We found the accuracy to be outstanding for a printer at this price range (USD$3,299), exceeding typical (and better) plastic extrusion 3D printers. The resin produces a gray-colored object that is slightly flexible and seems to have a somewhat slippery feel to it. 
We also observed several prints in a clear-ish material (seen above), suggesting that Formlabs will soon offer a second resin. We suspect that Formlabs may eventually offer a variety of different resins, certainly in different colors, but perhaps with more functionality, too. 
Also of interest is the support structure built automatically by their driver software. The "Neptune" dude here rides uncomfortably on a bed of nails, but in reality this approach makes it quite easy to remove the object from the supports. 

Neri Oxman’s Mediated Matter Lab at MIT

MakerBot's Plastic Farm