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MakerBot's Plastic Farm

If you can't get what you want, just do it yourself. That's the approach MakerBot has taken on plastic. Previously they'd have to do extensive searching for vendors able to provide appropriate plastic for their line of 3D printers. They'd have to ensure quality of color, sizing consistency and deliver availability. Lots of work! 
That's changing because CEO Bre Pettis announced that MakerBot now has their own factory for producing plastic filament, specifically luscious PLA. 
This means they'll be able to perform all manner of experiments with not only filament color, but also filament chemistry and dimensions. By tuning the plastic formulation and matching it with software changes, MakerBot should be able to significantly improve the quality of MakerBot prints. 
MakerBot's new plastic factory will certainly cause an avalanche of startling new PLA colors, no doubt adorned with startling names, too. 

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