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ExOne Goes Public!

There are very few 3D printing companies that you can invest in. Most are privately held, with the major exceptions of 3D Systems and Stratasys - but now we hear that ExOne has "filed a registration statement for an initial public offering". That means they intend on issuing shares to the public, pending various approvals and legal steps. 
ExOne, whose tagline is "Digital Part Materialization", produces several 3D printers capable of printing in metal or sand. Sand? Yes, sand. The purpose of 3D printed sand is to create molds capable of repeatedly casting metal parts. 
There's no date for the IPO, but we're quite certain this will be loudly announced when it's scheduled. 
We suspect this stock offering could attract a great many investors who want to get in on the 3D printing craze, but were too late to get some 3D Systems or Stratasys before their prices rose to stratospheric levels. 
Via ExOne

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