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Design of the Week: Caged Heels

This week's selection is London-based shoe designer Bryan Oknyansky's Caged Heels.
Oknyansky runs Shoes By Bryan, a bespoke designer of very unique shoes, operating since May 2011. The award-winning designer begins a shoe design by analyzing the physics of the shoe. He uses personal orthopedic dimensions and ergonomic measurements in the parametric 3D CAD models to produce shoes that are not only stunning to look at, but also incredibly comfortable and functional to wear. 
According to Oknyansky's site: 
Most footwear designers do not mention the inherent physics involved in the design and creation of footwear. Bryan Oknyansky begins with physics as the main design problem and, as his recent title of Red Dot: Product Design 2012 Honourable Mention testifies, he never presents a final product to a client that cannot stand the test of human wear. 
Oknyansky produces many beautiful shoe designs, but we've selected Caged Heels, a set 3D printed in a titanium alloy and finished with leather. 

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