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Open3DP Gets Gummi

Those researchers at the University of Washington took a break from casting ceramics, glass and other inedible substances to experiment instead with more tasty material using "food friendly molds". 
Unfortunately their choice for shape was, um, themselves! They carefully captured full-body scans using a Microsoft Kinect and designed a negative mold and 3D printed it. 
Of course, you're thinking that such a mold would NOT be food safe. And you'd be right. They solved that issue by pouring "food-grade Silicone mold material" into the 3D prints.
Into these food-safe molds went melted Gummi Bear material, now reformed into the shape of University of Washington students. The experiment was more or less a success, as you can see above. 
If your mold works, you can use it again and again, as long as you have a supply of Gummi Bears. Our supply never seems to last very long. 

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