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3D Printed Fashion In Paris Show

\As part of Paris Fashion Week, 3D printing giants Stratasys and Materialise collaborated with noted 3D fashion artist Iris van Herpen on her "VOLTAGE" haute couture show. van Herpen has previously produced fascinating 3D printed fashions and this show continued with some startling and revealing designs. 
Two of the eleven pieces made by van Herpen were 3D printed, pictured here. One of these two pieces was designed with Professor Neri Oxman of MIT and printed by Stratasys. The other was designed with architect Julia Koerner.
van Herpen says: 
I feel it's important that fashion can be about much more than consumerism, but also about new beginnings and self-expression, so my work very much comes from abstract ideas and using new techniques, not the re-invention of old ideas. I find the process of 3D printing fascinating because I believe it will only be a matter of time before we see the clothing we wear today produced with this technology, and it's because it's such a different way of manufacturing, adding layer-by-layer, it will be a great source of inspiration for new ideas.
The technology of 3D printing allows artists (and anyone) to create objects and fashion that are not possible using other techniques. Combined with the creativity of today's artists, the power unleashed is formidable. 

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