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Incredible 3D Fashion Video

There's an increasing interest in 3D printed fashions, perhaps because of the novelty of 3D printing, but we suspect also because you're able to create fashions that could otherwise not be manufactured. As wonderful as such fashion may be, it has been difficult for the public to understand it as 3D printed fashion shows are few and often behind the admission-only confines of manufacturing conventions.   
But now the folks at n9 Productions have produced a terrific video exhibiting several notable 3D printed fashions. "this$h!+was3dprinted" is only 90 seconds long, but it portrays the fashions in the exciting manner they deserve. 
It seems that a casual visit to the 3DEA popup exhibit in New York City provoked the idea of producing this video. n9 gathered up friends, artists and models and produced the piece in short order. Works by 3D print designers Aaron Trocola, Heidi Lee, Mary Huang, Pauline van Dongen, and Dirk van der Kooij are all featured. 
Note to 3D print companies: if you wish to feature 3D printed fashions, we recommend you give n9 a call. 
Via n9

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