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3D Printed Valentine Chocolates

The Shibuya Fabcafe in Tokyo is offering a very special service for two days in February: they'll enable you to produce chocolates with your face on them! 
Wait, how does this work? You first get your face scanned by the FabCafe's scanner. After some 3D model fixing, they 3D print a prototype of the chocolate shape using a conventional 3D printer. This object is then used to form a negative silicone mold that can be used to form the chocolates. Just pour in some melted goodness and wait for it to solidify. 
The workshop is offered on February 2nd and February 9th, according to the Japanese translation we're reading. It seems that the February 2nd event is for women only and the mold is delivered to you (to keep) the following day. Sounds like their 3D printer will be busy overnight!
So for a mere 6000 Yen (USD$66) you can make yourself as many valentine chocolates of yourself as your partner can eat. 
Via ITMedia (Japanese)

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