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Crayon Creatures!

In yet another easy-for-consumers 3D printing service, Crayon Creatures provides a way for your children to receive a 3D printout of their hand drawn crayon sketches.
Using the service is incredibly easy, assuming you have a crayon sketch previously scanned into an image file. You simply upload the file, pay €99 (plus €15 for international shipping) and you'll receive the object soon after. 
We're wondering how the 2D children's sketch becomes a 3D model, and suspect the folks behind Crayon Creatures, Cunicode, have developed a simple method of "inflating" the 2D sketch much like a balloon. The resulting 3D object is a symmetrical version of the sketch. 
Of all the various consumer services generating 3D prints, this one might resonate best with kids. It could be a hugely powerful notion for youngsters to understand that an idea can come from their mind, to a piece of paper and then in their hand. 
What will these kids build when they are in charge of the world? 

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