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3D Printing Curriculum Available

3D printer manufacturer Afinia has partnered with education supplier Pitsco to develop a comprehensive solution for teachers looking to educate their students on 3D printing. 
Pitsco develops and markets packaged educational curriculums, which contain lessons and examples targeted at grades 6-9 students. The 3D printing package description: 
This curriculum is designed for three weeks of class time, and students begin by learning engineering and rapid prototype processes and seeing how the 3-D printer operates. Then, they work in teams to design their own battery-operated car, using the 3-D printer to make parts to construct their vehicle. Finally, they see the results of their work on race day.
The fee for this curriculum is USD$395, but does not include the  bits required to build the cars (wheels, axles, chassis, battery holders, batteries, motors and more), which are priced separately at USD$1295.
Of course, you'll have to acquire an Afinia 3D printer too, but Pitsco also sells them, conveniently bundled with the curriculum and car parts for USD$3,995. 
Via Pitsco and Afinia

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