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Deadmau5 Has a 3D Printer

Progressive-house music producer and performer Deadmau5 recently posted Instagrammed pics of his new acquisition: a dual-exstrusion MakerBot Replicator 2X. The notable musician provided a sequence of images that related his experience with the technology. So how did it go? Let's see what happened. 
First he printed a test, the multicolored pylon. All OK so far. He says: 
Made a pylon to test the machine... Lookin good to make some crazy shit!
Then he designed something worth printing, instantly recognizable by his fans. (For non-fans, this is the mask he wears during his performances.)
This is Deadmau5 in action, just so you know. 
Printing proceeds. 
Oh oh. 
This happens far too often with today's 3D printing technology. Reliability of the highly mechanical extrusion process is going to be challenged by the consumers who are increasingly buying these devices. We're hoping for more innovation that leads to much more reliable 3D printing for consumers. 
Even more importantly, celebrities using 3D printers should have good experiences, as they often have very significant numbers of followers and can invoke huge influence among consumers. 
Image Credit: Wikimedia

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