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Got Your Ticket for the 3D Printshow?

London is the place, November 7-9 are the dates. The event? This year's 3D Printshow, where focused talks and exhibits will marvel visitors. Expect to learn about 3D printing in all its forms by attending this event. 
We're planning on attending, along with many thousands of others, if our spies are correct. 
The event is sectioned into three themed days: 
  • Thursday, November 7th: Press, industry, arts and high-end medical focus
  • Friday, November 8th: Press, design, business start-up, education and medical focus
  • Saturday, November 8th: specialised consumer focus
There are a variety of ticketing options, ranging from a three day passes, available for £99.99 (USD$160) to a student single day pass at £9.99 (USD$16). This flexible ticketing scheme permits attendance at only the events relevant to your space at the right price. 
Hope to see you there, too. 

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