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MadeSolid's Colored 3D Printer Resins

If you happen to have a Form 1 resin-based 3D printer, you'll likely to have purchased resin from Formlabs, its manufacturer. Formlabs provides resin tuned specifically for their machine, but as of now it comes in only two colors: grey and clear. 
That's changing because MadeSolid has launched a new series of resins that just happen to be compatible with the Form 1 - and they come in Black, White, Pink, and Blue. As you can see in the image above, they'll likely be announcing clear sometime soon, too. 
Aside from multiple colors, the advantages of this resin are: 
  • High Definition
  • Low to No Odor
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Easy to Clean (No More Isopropyl Alcohol)
The last point is very interesting, indicating that MadeSolid's resins are quite a bit different from Formlabs'. 
What about "reasonable pricing"? It's always hard to judge such matters on crowdfunding offers, as they are typically lower than prices offered in the future. It's like a "sale". That said, MadeSolid offers 1L of resin for USD$70-75, with discounts for bulk purchases (NOTE: Resins all have a shelf life, be careful how much you purchase). This is around half the price of Formlab's resins. 
How will Formlabs react? We suspect they will release additional color resins on a much faster schedule. They may also consider a proprietary mechanism on future 3D printers to ensure only Formlabs material can be used, but time will tell on that. 

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