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VoxelJet Begins Trading

Commercial 3D printer manufacturer VoxelJet began trading shares on public markets this past week and the results are, well, pretty spectacular. 
VoxelJet produces large-scale commercial 3D printers for industrial use. We believe they produce the largest commercial 3D printer available today, the massive VX4000 (see above image), capable of 3D printing objects as large as 4 x 2 x 1m. Yes, meters. That's 282.5 cubic feet, a volume equivalent to the storage space in the back of a gigantic Ford Expedition SUV. 
As you can see in their stock price chart above for launch day, Friday October 18th, the price opens at USD$22 per share, but rises consistently throughout the day to close at USD$28.80. 
There are few publicly traded 3D printing companies because of large corporate mergers and numerous startups too early for trading, so it's no surprise investors jumped on this rare opportunity to get in on the 3D printing craze. 
We'll see how VoxelJet fares in coming months. 

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