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3D Printing Your House - Really!

There's an Instructable from AMMONITEa that describes how you can actually 3D print your home. There's just one catch: it's only a miniature model. But it could be your home. 
The model includes a fantastic amount of detail as you can see in this closeup view. There are plenty more detailed images on the Instructable page. 
There's just one problem here. Just because you have a 3D model like this doesn't mean it's easy to 3D print. In fact, printing this "home at home" would be quite a project, as scene would likely have to be printed as numerous separate objects. Some of them have extremely fine details that could prove difficult for some personal 3D printers. Others require huge amounts of support material to produce. 
One option would be to print the pieces at a 3D print service instead of trying to do it on your own. Sculpteo, who reported on this project, likely think so. 
Just don't try sitting on the 3D printed couch. 

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