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Blokify: 3D Modeling for Kids

A new modeling option is about to launch: Blokify. It's a tablet-based app that provides a very simplified interface suitable for kids to develop their own 3D models. 
In an interview with MAKE, creator Jenny Kortina explained the dilemma facing 3D printer owners who want to design their own objects: 
The huge gap is in the modeling software — it’s way too hard to use, and that’s where Blokify comes in.
This is so true. Even the simplest of free 3D modeling tools, like 123D Design, may baffle kids. Others like SketchUp, Blender and the commercial tools such as SolidWorks and ZBrush are unfathomable by many people. 
Blokify is not yet available, but it appears to provide a very simplified approach to 3D object design. Users build structures using block-by-block assembly, in a manner similar to Minecraft. 
Once a design is complete, it can be downloaded for 3D printing at home or on a 3D print service - or you can simply push a button and Blokify will look after the printing for you.  
Is there room for another simple 3D modeling tool? Yes, of course!
Via Blokify and MAKE

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