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Capture 3D Images with your iPhone

There's a fascinating new iOS app that can capture true 3D images: Seene. 
The app, available at no charge, requires you to take four still images of a subject from slightly different viewpoints. Typically you'd image from "four corners", upper left, upper right, lower right and lower left. The app then digests the images into a color 3D image that appears on the iOS screen. 
By tilting your screen to and fro you'll see the subject from alternate angles. The image can be posted on their social network for liking by others. Note - it only captures a frontal view; it does not handle a 360 degree scan. 
What we don't see in this fun app is a way to export a 3D model that you could print, or at least import into a 3D modeling program. Even capturing a frontal view would be quite useful in modeling.  
That's a little disappointing, but the app is free and the notion of 3D printing has yet to get through to everyone. 

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