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Cubify's Bloody Halloween

Cubify has added a new app to generate 3D models just in time for Halloween: 3DMe Horror! 
Previously Cubify has offered to place your own head on top of far nicer bodies such as Star Trek characters, but now you can obtain a 3D printed, full color figurine of yourself as a Zombie, or the "Chainsaw Guy". 
It's a great idea and we think it should have legs. But what's really interesting is how this particular theme affects the interface. While you obviously must upload images of your face for 3D processing, choose a character, gender, height and weight, this time you must also choose what kind of bloodstain you'd like. 
You can choose "No Blood" or any of several different spatter patterns. "Blood 1" is shown above. 
All yours in time for Halloween for USD$69. 
Via Cubify

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