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Hammacher Schlemmer Offers 3D Printers

Another major consumer-oriented online retailer has begun sales of personal 3D printers. Hammacher Schlemmer, one of the world's oldest mail order operations, is now selling 3D System's Cube personal 3D printer. 
The Cube is described as: 
The printer extrudes 1/125"-thin layers of warm, viscous thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, forming a solid, three-dimensional meticulous reproduction. 
We haven't heard such ebullient descriptions of a 3D printer previously, but perhaps that's what happens when they're sold by long-time pitchmen. 
With this move, it becomes even easier to acquire a personal 3D printer. Consumers can acquire the technology from Staples, Amazon, Hammacher Schlemmer and, no doubt, many more to come. 

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