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Makibox A6: Shipping Soon?

You might recall the Makibox A6, billed as a "$300 3D Printer"? We wrote on it in February 2012, quite a long time ago, and evidently they have not shipped product yet, although you can see the progression of their project in great detail on their blog, from prototyping to production. 
But that may change as per a recent blog post from Makibox, in which they provide very strong evidence that they're quite ready to start the manufacture of:
100 boxes in mid-October, with 500-1000 boxes per week the following weeks after that to clear out the existing orders.
The evidence is a massive pile of parts from their various suppliers. We suspect there's going to be some late nights at Makibox HQ putting things together over the next few weeks. 
This is great news for those who ordered a Makibox all those months ago. 

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