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Making Prints Stick: Some Tips

The folks at ProtoParadigm have produced a terrific list of tips on how to reduce or eliminate the deadly warping effect that plagues personal 3D printers. 
There's nothing worse than discovering a time-consuming mess caused by a print that lifted off the bed. The warping itself isn't such a problem; it's that the warping can often be so severe that the print detaches from the print bed, tipping over and failing the job. 
ProtoParadigm's advice includes a number of mechanical suggestions, such as ensuring your print bed is perfectly level and clean or adjusting first-layer speeds and heights. But they also explore the use of hair spray as a temporary adhesive. 
Use of adhesives is not just a hacker's solution; 3D Systems uses it extensively in their Cube and CubeX personal 3D printers. 
Here's ProtoParadigm's take on hair spray: 
Yes, hair spray works for improving adhesion.  A very modest application can do wonders.  An over-application can create a bond strong enough that the object may be very difficult to remove, especially if you're printing directly on your build surface without tape. 

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