Shapeways Announces Programmable Models

Shapeways Announces Programmable Models
3D printing service Shapeways has released “ShapeJS”, a programming environment that can generate 3D models using Javascript programs. 
In other words, if you know how to use Javascript, one of the most popular tools for creating dynamic web pages, you’ll be able to produce 3D models simply by describing them with code, including complex mathematical structures such as the example shown above.  
While there may be few consumers who use ShapeJS to build their own 3D models for printing at Shapeways, the intent of the service is to permit 3D entrepreneurs and developers to create generative apps for their Shapeways online stores. Imagine a web page where you can specify a few parameters, perhaps push a few sliders to and fro, and suddenly a customized 3D model appears, just for you. 
Like most Shapeways innovations, this service begins in a beta state for testing. But you can certainly give it a try. 
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