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Walmart Selling Cube 3D Printers - in Brazil

We know Staples sells Cubify's entry-level personal 3D printer, the Cube, at an undetermined number of physical outlets in the USA. But now we learn Walmart also sells the Cube - but not in the USA; they're available in Brazil. 
The Cube is priced at R$5,758 (USD$2,478), quite a bit more than the standard US price of USD1,299. We know US products are typically priced a bit higher when exported to other countries, but this is quite a markup. Perhaps it's a typical markup in Brazil for electronics; we're not certain. Perhaps Brazilian readers could enlighten us?
Regardless, this is a very interesting move. It could mean that 3D Systems is testing a relationship with Walmart in preparation for a much larger, US or even global launch. 
Expect to see a lot more Cubes very soon. 

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