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123D Offers More 3D Content

One of the best introductory 3D toolsets you can use is Autodesk's 123D Suite, particularly the 123D Design tool. But when you're designing something, it's often very helpful to begin your design with an existing model that you can modify. 
123D does this by providing a library of thousands of starter models you can choose from. However, up to now you had to be a "Premium" member of 123D to access them - and even then you could only load ten per month. Now, that's all changed. 
They've adjusted the system to permit unlimited downloads of models for all 123D premium members - and "free" 123D members can now download up to ten models per month. 
We're wondering why it wasn't like this before. What changed? Is there a slowdown of new 123D users, and Autodesk wants to boost the adoption rate? Perhaps Autodesk feared someone would run away with the models and resell them? We're not certain, but regardless of why, this is a great development for all 123D users. 

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