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Design of the Week: Wit's End

This week's selection is Ravi Venkataraman's Wit's End, which as you can see above, captures that feeling quite distinctly. 
It's part of Venkataraman's "Emotions in 3D" series, where a variety of emotions, from profound to fun are explored in 3D sculptures. We've seen several of these works but this one somehow resonates the best; perhaps because of our state of mind today.
The piece was made by IvarFace, using a "state of the art 3D scanner" that is capable of capturing a 180 degree scan of a face within 4 seconds. 
Venkataraman says: 
It reflects the anguish resulting from being "at your wit's end", when circumstances are completely out of your control. The subtle anguished expression, along with the hand on the head conveys a powerful emotion. 
Indeed. We feel like this all the time. Don't you? 

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