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Cirri - A Software 3D Scanner

A new 3D scanning option has appeared, courtesy of a group in Ottawa. The Cirri scanner hopes to provide a "professional 3D scanning solution"
Cirri isn't a piece of hardware - instead it's a software solution that uses multiple digital images of a subject to develop a true 3D model. This means that you can use your camera (even "uncalibrated cameras") to collect images of items large and small, inside and in the wild outside. 
But wait, there are already services that provide this function, aren't there? Yes - 123D Catch is one notable option. But Cirri's goal is to deliver much higher quality scans using fewer images in a simplified workflow. The software will capture scans in full color and even fill holes to prepare printable 3D models. 
We haven't been able to test the windows-based software in our lab yet, but the examples shown on their Indiegogo site look very good: high resolution, accurate scans of some pretty complex objects. 
The product is available for pre-purchase on Indiegogo, with two versions offered: Cirri Lite for USD$199 (targeted at USD$399 after launch) and the full version of Cirri that includes scale and other professional features for USD$599 (USD$899 after launch). 

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