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A 3D Printed Movie Character Collection

At this year's 3D Printshow we were excited to visit the large display of 3D prints by Legacy Effects. If you don't know about Legacy Effects, they are one of the premier special effects shops in Hollywood, and have produced numerous famous characters for motion pictures you've no doubt seen. 
While much of Legacy Effects' work is entirely digital, they also produce physical models and props for movies and subsequent promotions. Much of that physical production is done by using 3D printing in combination with traditional model-making techniques. The fellow who behind the physical production is Lead System Engineer Jason Lopes, who showed us the collection. 
These parts were 3D printed on a commercial Objet Connex 3D printer at IPF 3D printing services. 
This is how they were put together to form a rather detailed Roman Legionnaire outfit. 
The life-size Avatar reproduction was scarily realistic, in spite of its alien nature. It also looked "too big", until we remembered that the Na'vis from planet Pandora were eight feet tall. 
This life size item seemed to be looking back at us. The details of these models were startling. 
Of course on display was the actual Iron Man suit worn by Robert Downey Jr. 
The suit had clearly been used. One can imagine the damage suffered when battling an evil nemesis. 
Perhaps it's the absence of skin that makes these models seem quite real.

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