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The 3D Printing Patent Backlash Begins

It was inevitable, but the personal 3D printing community is not reacting well to the announcement by Stratasys that it was suing Afinia for patent infringement. It seems that the feeling is that other new 3D printer manufacturers might also become legal targets as patented technology could be found in their equipment. 
The image above is a portion of a larger graphic screaming an appeal to stop buying products from the main patent holders, 3D Systems and Stratasys. Recent events may not be desirable for the open source community, but in the USA the patent laws do exist and both companies are legally within their rights. 
We suspect campaigns such as pictured here will not significantly affect the sales of either company. Their market is those new to 3D printing, people who have no idea of the issues and laws involved. They are typically amazed to see any 3D printer and will buy machines that are easy to use - which is precisely what the two companies are doing. 

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