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New Tease From BotObjects

Remember BotObjects? They're the company that's producing a "Full Color" personal 3D printer, the ProDesk3D. They have been releasing very little information about their upcoming device, leading to much speculation whether it's real or not. Now, thanks to a video recently posted on their site, we know a little bit more about this very mysterious 3D printer. 
The video, a still of which is above, shows the print in operation printing a Julia vase. That's not unusual, but the unique feature shown is that the plastic color changes during the print. The color changes only on layer boundaries, suggesting that they are simply switching the filament being extruded on the fly - exactly as we suspected. 
It's definitely not full color, but it is interesting. The trouble is that it's pretty rare you actually need colors to change on horizontal sections, so while it is a cool feature, we're not sure how often you'd actually use it. 
There's one other weird thing with this video. We don't know exactly how they switch filaments - and we don't learn any more about that from the video, because BotObjects has PLACED A METAL SHEET IN FRONT OF THE EXTRUDER. 
The mystery continues. 

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