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Shapeways Teams with Neiman Marcus

Popular 3D print service Shapeways may become even more popular if a new relationship with Neiman Marcus plays out. They've teamed with the upscale US retailer to provide a small selection of very cool 3D printed items on Neiman Marcus Online. 
The idea is that a selection of elite Shapeways designers may have their work featured on the retailer's site, where they may be viewed (and purchased) by high-end shoppers worldwide. 
However, as of this writing, the Shapeways items on Neiman Marcus Online appear to be available only within the US store, and there are only two items showing (see image above):
  • Monogrammed 3-D-Printed Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace (USD$295)
  • 3-D Printed Orb Stainless Steel Sculpture (USD$395)
Obviously it's early in the process, but we are pretty certain Shapeways will be able to add more products to the site, assuming the Neiman Marcus buyers are OK with the designs. 
This is a terrific bonus for the few designers that participate, as they are mentioned in the descriptions of the items, raising their profile and perhaps beginning a mass brand name for themselves. 

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