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The $200 Ready-To-Rock 3D Printer

We've heard about the USD$100 3D printer - but it's an experimental resin-based 3D printer. What if you're interested in acquiring a low-cost plastic filament 3D printer? You might want to consider the QU-BD One Up, billed as a sub-USD$200 "production ready" personal 3D printer. 
This no-frills device is in fact a kit, but it should be relatively easy to assemble due to its simplicity. 
The 1.75mm PLA-capable device has a modest build volume of 100 x 100 x 125mm, while the sister product, the QU-BD Two Up increases the X and Y axis to 175mm. Both are constructed with linear bearings, precision rods and laser-cut panels. 
The price for a QU-BD One Up is, of course, USD$199. For a Two Up (which still has only one extruder) is USD$279. 
It seems that the price of reasonable 3D printer kits continues to drop. While the Peachy Printer managed to hit USD$100 by dramatically changing the design of the system, the One Up represents further progress in refining traditional plastic extrusion approaches. 

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