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Off To EuroMold!

This week we're traveling to Frankfurt, Germany to take in this year’s EuroMold trade show. If you don't know, EuroMold is the world’s largest event focused on mold-making and prototyping equipment - and that means 3D printers, too. 
What do we expect to see? There will be displays from all the large commercial 3D printer manufacturers! including Stratasys, 3D Systems, VoxelJet, EOS and many others. Software providers will demonstrate their 3D modeling tools. There will no doubt be many types of 3D scanners on display, and certainly several personal-level 3D printers, too. 
We will be visiting all the manufacturers, speaking to company representatives and taking far too many pictures of equipment. And perhaps a bit of equipment shopping.  
Will you be attending EuroMold? Have something to show us? If so, let us know!

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