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Digital Crafts: A Book for Artists Exploring 3D Printing

We've checked out a new book that is specifically designed to assist artists who enter the world of 3D printing and digital design. 
The book contains many case studies involving not only digital design using 3D CAD software, but also the process of 3D printing using contemporary equipment and 3D scanning. There's even information on non-3D print tech, such as CNC and Laser Cutting, which when used with 3D printing can be a powerful combination. 
The book was written by Ann Marie Shillito of Edinburgh, who also happens to be behind Anarkik 3D, makers of a unique haptic interface for 3D modeling. Their software won the Best Consumer Software award at this year's Global 3D Print Awards, so you can be sure this book is equally high quality. 
Available at Amazon for USD$33. 
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