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The Be3D DeeOrange 3D Printer

The Be3D DeeOrange is a small personal 3D printer assembled by a Czech company with 20 years of experience in engineering and technology. Available for two years, the device is a solid unit containing some solid features. 
Inside the attractive case is a heated plate the makes the machine capable of 3D printing ABS plastic. Even better, the enclosed chamber captures some of the plate's heat making ABS even more reliable. 
The DeeOrange's build chamber is not vast, as it is only 130 x 100 x 100mm, but this is more than sufficient to print the vast majority of items in reasonable time, unless you're printing at 0.1mm layers, which this machine is capable of doing. 
Priced at 35 850 CZK (USD$1800), this might be the 3D printer for you. 
Via Be3D

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