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Formlabs Releases a New Resin

Formlabs, makers of the popular Form 1 personal 3D printer have released a new resin. Previously, the company offered only two resins: Grey and Clear. The new material is "White". 
For a rapid startup company such as Formlabs, it's totally understandable they may take some time before introducing new materials, but now they've done it. 
Different resin formulations can produce all manner of material outputs, exhibiting different colors, strengths, temperature endurances, surface textures and other characteristics. We've observed larger, commercial resin-based 3D printer companies spend considerable effort on resin formulations - even hiring their own teams of chemists. We're hoping the release of "White" means Formlabs now has significant chemical expertise on staff. 
As for "white", we are very excited because it's our belief that the color white is often the best color to print. Why? Because its light color easily shows off shadows, exhibiting the delicate printed shape in the best way possible. 
White resin is available at Formlabs' online store for USD$149 per liter. 

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