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Leapfrog's Xeed Now Available for Purchase

As promised, the folks at Leapfrog have launched their biggest 3D printer, the Xeed. It's big for a desktop 3D printer, but that fits its target market: offices where the device would be shared by (presumably) professionals. 
The Xeed offers premium 3D printer features, such as standard dual extruders, automatic bed leveling before each print, a large build volume of up to 350 x 270 x 220mm and the ability to print in ABS, PLA or PVA plastic filament. 
But Xeed includes a number of features specifically to address the office crowd: 
  • Wireless access to enable those on the far side of the office to queue up a print without having to walk over
  • Tablet-based touch-screen control panel, able to provide a simplified interface to timid office workers
  • Enclosed (but not heated) build chamber, providing a way to reduce warpage of ABS prints and increase machine productivity
  • Print job queuing to collect prints from a group
  • Simplified settings and workflow
The Xeed is available for purchase at a price of €7,000 (USD$9,600) and will ship in early 2014. If you're interested in this machine, we recommend you order early as the lead time for delivery could lengthen. 

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