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Design of the Week: IKEA Ramvik Reinvented

This week's selection is an incredible 3D printed table by Ole Hermann Godø. It's not entirely 3D printed, but as you'll see, the "guts" of this table were definitely 3D printed. 
The table's innards have been replaced with several dozen intricately arranged 3D printed gears - that move! Combined with interior lighting, the effect is incredible. 
According to Godø, the complex gears were designed using Autodesk Inventor and printed on a Mendel personal 3D printer. The number of pieces and manner in which they interact meant the project took several months to complete. 
Once printed, the gears had to be precisely positioned in order to achieve the full motion effect. 
The result is a brilliant animated table. You MUST watch the video to see it in action:  

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