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The KentStrapper Volta 3D Printer

We examined the Italian KentStrapper Volta 3D printer and found a very solid design. The Volta uses a laser-cut wood frame, unlike other models that have shifted to metal frames, but does use linear bearings to provide smooth mechanical movements. 
The Volta offers a relatively large build area, as you can see in the image above, some 260 x 280 x 190mm. In this volume you can print items with layers as small as 0.1mm. However, without a heated bed you'll have to use an adhesive spray for printing ABS. 
Priced at €1440 (USD$1960), you can also add a second extruder for €500 (USD$680), creating a two-extruder Volta for €1940 (USD$2630). So far they've sold around 200 units. 

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