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Design of the Week: Quantum Object #1

This week's selection is Quantum Object #1 by sculptor Frederik De Wilde. It's a trippy piece we first noticed at this year's London 3D Printshow, where it was on display among many other spectacular pieces. 
Visually, it's a plane with drips extending in opposite directions, defying gravity in two different directions. But why is it named, "Quantum Object #1"? According to De Wilde: 
Quantum Object #1 is 3D model generated by using a live data feed from quantum fluctuation measurement devices used by the Australian National University, Department of Quantum Science lead by Dr. Thomas Seymul.
In other words, it's a sculpture of space-time vacuum fluctuations that occur around and inside of you every picosecond. It doesn't look real - but it is. De Wilde says: 
Yes, space is only noise if you can see it. 

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