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The Kevvox 3D Printer

We had a close look at the Kevvox 3D printer at EuroMold. It uses a resin-based process, as so many new 3D printers seem to these days, but the results are quite spectacular. 
Three years in development, the Kevvox uses long-lasting LED lighting to cure the several resins offered. They offer a wax resin for casting, an ABS-like resin and a high-temperature-capable resin. Two models are offered with differing build volumes and resolutions: 
  • Kevvox SP4300, 56 x 35 x 100mm 0.043mm resolution
  • Kevvox SP6200, 80 x 50 x 100mm 0.062mm resolution
The larger is priced at USD$25,500, while the smaller unit goes for USD$21,500. So far, Kevvox tells us they've sold "hundreds" of them. 
What got to us was the incredible detail on the prints, as you can see here. This fellow, for example, is only 80mm tall. Click on the image to see the full level of detail. 
If you need this level of resolution, you might want to check out Singapore-based Kevvox. 
Via Kevvox

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