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The Growth of 3D Printing Stocks

This blog has a number of years under its belt. We first published on October 27th, 2007, a period when 3D printing was not well known outside of a small set of industrial users. Much has happened since then. 
At that time there were two major 3D printing companies, 3D Systems and Stratasys, who had independently invented different 3D printing processes in the 1980’s. You could buy shares in those companies back than. 
But what if you had? How has the growth of their stock prices been? 
Spectacular. But let’s examine a potentially real scenario. Let’s say you had USD$1,000 to invest. Say you bought USD$1,000 in shares of Stratasys on October 27, 2007. Where would your investment be today, had you held on to it? 
Stratasys stock price Oct 26, 2007: $30.27
Stratasys stock price Dec 20, 2013: $125.87
This is a multiple of 4.15X, meaning your USD$1,000 would have become USD$4,158 today. It would have been even larger had you purchased during the 2008 downturn, where Stratasys’ stock price bottomed out at $11.84 in November 2008. 
Not a bad deal. Too bad we didn’t put USD$100,000 in back then… 


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