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Controversy Surrounds the Picaso 3D Printer?

We wrote earlier on the Russian-made Picaso Designer 3D printer. Now we’ve seen some evidence of strange goings-on in that company’s market. Picaso issued a press release stating (via translation): 
Due to the spread of false information and the advent of the Internet many sites do not have permission to sell products Picaso 3D, the company Picaso 3D officially declares the following:
1. Company Picaso 3D is the first and currently the only Russian company that develops and sells successfully desktop 3D printers.
2. Information about the company's products Picaso 3D, the list of official distributors and product certificates posted on the official website of the company
3. Official groups on social networks are located at and . Companies and individuals interested in the official distributors or partnerships with Picaso 3D can send a request that cooperation through the form on the site
Whew! We’re not quite sure what’s transpired here, but it seems that you’d best double check the seller of that Picaso 3D printer you’re hoping to purchase. If you don’t purchase from an authorized reseller, you may find that you have no support. 
Via Picaso

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