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3D Printed Underwear?

A UK firm has revealed plans to produce a line of apparently 3D printed underwear. Tamicare has developed a new process that is said to enable 3D printed fabric, which they intend to produce underwear with, at least at first. 
The fabric generated through this process is trademarked as “CosyFlex”. It’s not entirely clear to us how this process works, but they say: 
Patterns, perforations, embossing and decorations may be created by printing on a 3D structured base plate. Our innovations in equipment components, the production process and fabric characteristics are protected by patents.
They claim they can produce “instant” creation of fabric products with their “fully automated process”. They can produce fabric from “natural latex, silicon, polyurethane, teflon, cotton, viscose, polyamide” and more. 
A look through this video of their production process doesn’t reveal much. We can’t see a 3D printing-like activity, although the process seems to take place quite quickly, suggesting their mass production capability could be true. 
If this process is truly 3D printed, it could be the beginning of a new phase in 3D printed fashion, which up to now has been limited to more-or-less solid objects. 

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