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MCOR Doubles Their 3D Print Speed - At No Cost!

3D printer manufacturer MCOR, who produce the full-color Iris paper 3D printer, announced a pretty major new feature: double speed printing. Yes, TWICE as fast. 
Even better, the software upgrade that increases the speed is being made available for all existing machines. 
But how do they do it? It's all in the motion. As you might recall, MCOR's process involves physically slicing each sheet of paper as they are slowly glued together to form a complete object. MCOR's techs closely examined the timing of the cutter's movements and realized with some adjustments to the path of motion, the cut time for each layer could be reduced by around 60%. This means the print speed increases by at least two times. 
We're impressed that MCOR has chosen to release this fantastic feature to all their clients.  It's a comfy feeling when your vendor looks after you. 

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