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Design of the Week: Shades of Grey

This week's selection is Claire Thompson's Shades of Grey. It's a fascinating work that is both smooth and two-tone. Perfectly sized to sit on the edge of a table, the portrait carries an interesting story. From Thompson: 
Shades of Grey is a portrait, digitally and manually created, which references the complexity and ambiguity of the human condition.
This work was inspired by a debate between a communications theorist / techno-culture critic; an astrophysicist; an artist; a computer scientist and a biochemist, on the impact of the digital age on the analogue and binary elements of human physiology and development. 
The work was done on commission by Artu Contemporary Portrait Sculpture based in Singapore and London. Clients are scanned in a professional 3D capture studio, whereupon their likeness is transformed into a physical sculpture such as Shades of Grey. 

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