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Controversy At 3DLT

You may not have heard about 3DLT. It's an online "innovation hub" that attempts to provide 3D creators a web presence for marketing their designs. If you're a designer you can join their program and create a mini-marketplace for your designs or receive requests for custom work.  
But where's the controversy?
Wired relates the saga, in which models appeared on the 3DLT marketplace that were not exactly legally proper. Nervous Systems, designers of amazing 3D printed fashion jewelry, discovered several of their designs appeared on 3DLT - marked for sale. Test purchases confirmed these items were actually for sale, but the 3D models were not delivered - probably because Nervous Systems had never provided them to 3DLT. 
3DLT has now placed a "We're Sorry" post on their site, explaining that there were two items in question that were some sort of test article that should not have been for sale. 3DLT says it was a mistake and they are both reviewing the site content and changing their business processes to prevent this from reoccurring.  
What really happened here? We don't know for sure, but 3DLT's actions in the future are what will count. Let's watch and see how this unfolds. 
Via Wired and 3DLT

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